Allenhurst Failure To Yield To Pedestrians

The Allenhurst Police Department has set up a “pedestrian decoy” program designed to target motorists who do not give pedestrians the right of way at designated crosswalks. The summons carries a $200 fine and two points, since it is considered a moving violation. The decoy program in Allenhurst is meant to help keep pedestrians safe during the summer months. A few Allenhurst police officers took the pedestrian decoy class offered by the state a few months ago in Freehold. A legal stop is defined by the speed limit in the area of the stop. For example, along the program’s guidelines, fair warning for a car traveling in a 25 mph zone is 102. It takes two police officers to run the program. One acts as the pedestrian while another waits in a patrol car a few hundred feet down the road. If the driver of the car fails to stop, a quick call on the radio from the plain-clothed officer alerts the officer in the patrol car of the violation. That officer then pulls the offender over and issue them a summons for “failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.” If you get one of these tickets and want an advocate with experience to fight for you call Tom Ehrlich 732-223-8480.

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