How to beat a NJ DWI

While this isn’t the preferred way to defend against the New Jersey traffic offense 39:4-50 also know as a DUI/DWI, I can tell you that this last month I just helped a client beat 2 DWIs in 2 different Monmouth County municipalities. Here is what the client did: 1) Got a DWI in Howell and a DWI in Belmar 2) failed to appear until Thomas Ehrlich became a licensed attorney with main area of practice NJ DWI defense 3) retained Ehrlich Law Offices to go to court and get the cases dismissed. It is that easy! If however, you don’t want to go this route, and I don’t recommend you do, call us today for a free consultation and we will answer all of your questions. #notguiltyNJ #howtobeataDWI #wellagedDWI

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