Belmar Municipal Court

One of the many municipal courts in New Jersey is the Belmar Municipal Court. Located at 601 Main Street, Belmar NJ 07719 732-681-3700, this court, like all New Jersey Municipal Courts has jurisdiction over traffic matters, disorderly persons offenses and local ordinance matters including violations of the housing code that are alleged to have occurred in the Borough. The proceedings are presided over by a judge who is currently the Honorable Dennis Lavender, J.M.C., there is no right to a jury in municipal court. The maximum penalties that can be levied against defendants found guilty in this court are: license loss, 6 months of county jail incarceration, fines, community service, restitution, orders of no contact from victims and others.  If you need to consult with an attorney regarding a matter in the Belmar Municipal Court you can call our offices at 732-223-8480 or email at

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