June 9 2018 DWI checkpoint in Marlboro NJ

The Monmouth County DWI Task Force will conduct a DWI checkpoint tomorrow night, Friday, June 9, to detect drivers under the influence of alcohol and… Read More

NJ Warrantless Blood Draw 2018

In this case, we consider whether police officers violated the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Paragraph 7 of the New… Read More

Felony Driving Revoked in NJ

So you may know that if you drive (twice) while actively suspended for a 1st DWI or even only once if during a 2nd DWI… Read More

To NJ Citizens Charged with Weed Possession

It’s March 2018 and NJ Governor Murphy has included 60 million in his budget proposal from the income generated from legalized marijuana. Many citizens who… Read More

Is Bongiovani a good judge?

December 01, 2017 at 04:23 Former NJ Gov. Christie nominated Ernest Bongiovanni of Wall to be a Judge – citizens and members of the bar… Read More

Injured in New Jersey

I have been injured in New Jersey and want to speak to an attorney is a call we often receive. There is is no fee… Read More

No Right to Freedom of Speech

Congress shall make no law… we all know that the press and religion is free in the US to speak freely- but have any of… Read More

They think we’re idiots

Here in New Jersey we can agree to disagree about the issues that we face as residents of this Garden State. You call it Taylor… Read More

There’s an error on my NJ ticket

Everybody is from familiar with the typical way that one can receive a ticket here in New Jersey. You might’ve rolled through a stop sign… Read More

How to beat a NJ DWI

While this isn’t the preferred way to defend against the New Jersey traffic offense 39:4-50 also know as a DUI/DWI, I can tell you that… Read More

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