8am Probation visits for Conditional Discharge Participants

2C:36A-1 codifies Conditional discharge for certain first offenses; basically whenever any person who has not previously been convicted of any offense to marijuana etc and is… Read More

No weekends for 2C:40-26

N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26 makes operating a motor vehicle during your DWI or refusal license suspension a felony.  It’s a 4th degree if a) you get caught driving suspended… Read More

You may only have one chance…

This just happened to a client and the moral of the story is to be wary of going to any court hearing without a lawyer… Read More

In re Helmer

Private attorney for corporate victim got his old friends at the Cumberland County Prosecutor to indict the company owners who screwed his client of over… Read More

Alcotest Results No Good in NJ DWI’s

Trooper Marc Dennis cases Invalidate 20,000 DWI Cases- 11/13/18 NJ Supreme Court said his failure to properly calibrate the Alcotest 2110 = 20,667 cases must… Read More

Judge Palmer Censured

11/7/18 – NJ Supreme Court censured County Superior Court Judge James Palmer Jr. for complaining to court staff about his child support obligations, because such… Read More

Wall Election Results November 2018

Robin Zawodniak 4,738,John A. Sullivan 4,257, Tennant D. Magee Sr. 4,022, Michael McArthur 3,930 Win School Board slots. Losers were Tufts 3,912; Dorrer 3,583; Taurosa… Read More

Be Careful on the Roads this Halloween

As traffic defense attorneys we see lots of tickets issued on Halloween. Careless driving 39:4-97, using a cell phone while driving 39:4-97.3 and speeding 39:4-98… Read More

Manchester NJ Lawyer Bob Novy is sentenced to 10-Years in Prison

10/26/18 Manchester, NJ solo lawyer Robert Novy aged 67 was recently sentenced by Ocean County Judge Collins 10 years in prison for stealing millions from… Read More

NJ Ex-Superintendent GuiltyTo Public Pooping

Former Kenilworth superintendent Thomas Tramaglini pled guilty to pooping in spring of 2018 at the Holmdel High School track -he said he did it because… Read More

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