They think we’re idiots

Here in New Jersey we can agree to disagree about the issues that we face as residents of this Garden State. You call it Taylor… Read More

There’s an error on my NJ ticket

Everybody is from familiar with the typical way that one can receive a ticket here in New Jersey. You might’ve rolled through a stop sign… Read More

How to beat a NJ DWI

While this isn’t the preferred way to defend against the New Jersey traffic offense 39:4-50 also know as a DUI/DWI, I can tell you that… Read More

Financial Advisor Convicted

A federal jury Friday convicted a former financial advisor from Sayreville on seven counts of fraud after he ripped off a client’s retirement fund, U.S.… Read More

Monmouth County Legal Resources for Indigent

Criminal Defense – For disorderly persons offenses, you can apply for the services of the local public defender at the violations window of the municipal… Read More

Using An Expert in NJ DWI case

If you are defending against a DWI charge in DWI, it is common for your attorney to use an expert to refute the state’s allegations… Read More

Belmar Municipal Court

One of the many municipal courts in New Jersey is the Belmar Municipal Court. Located at 601 Main Street, Belmar NJ 07719 732-681-3700, this court,… Read More

David Katz indicted for money laundering

A disbarred NYC attorney, his brother and a third man conspired to steal and launder $5 million from attorney escrow accounts over a six-year period… Read More

Bordentown 2nd Offense DWI Dismissed after 16 months of Fighting

If you are charged with a 2nd offense DWI (N.J.S.A. 39:4-50) in the state of New Jersey, you probably know you are facing (as long… Read More

Lakewood Man Indicted In Brick Woman’s Overdose Death: Report

The man is accused of selling the heroin-Fentanyl mixture that led to the woman’s death in 2014, according to the report. Shared from the Brick,… Read More

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