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NJ Court paves way for trade names.

Court Approves Lawyers’ Use Of Trade NamesBennett J. Wasserman and Raphael M. Rosenblatt This past term we saw our Supreme Court’s ethics engine firing on… Read More

COVID-19 Law Grads can practice without license.

4/6/20 – The NJ Supreme Court issued an Order today that will allow 2020 Law School Graduates to Temporarily Practice Law Despite Postponement of Bar… Read More

Rivas Steps down for sexually provocative remarks.

Middlesex County, NJ Chief Superior Court Judge Alberto Rivas has been censured after he suggested a woman testifying in his court sell naked pictures of… Read More

Inmates being released!

By a consent order signed this morning, the Supreme Court has ordered the release from county jails municipal court-sentenced inmates and others who are serving… Read More

Monmouth County Prosecutor allows PTI for aggravated sexual assault crime …if you are a female.

Kalee Warnick, a former Wall Township teacher was indicted for allegedly having sex at her home with a minor student when she was 22 and… Read More

NJ Gun Carry Denials Require Hearings Now

Up until now, citizens seeking a carry permit in New Jersey had to get the approval of their local police chief and then seeks authorization… Read More


The New Jersey Supreme Court disbarred former Municipal Court Judge Richard Thompson, criminally convicted of ticket-fixing (roughly 4,000 tickets or $600,000 to Bradley Beach, Colts… Read More

DWI Plea Bargaining allowed now

Pursuant to N.J. Const. Art. Vl., sec. 2 par. 3, it is ORDERED that, effectiveimmediately and until further order, the “Guidelines for Operation of Plea… Read More

NJ Atty General puts Muni Prosecutors on short leash.

In an apparent lack of confidence in the local/municipal prosecutors, the NJ Attorney General has pulled on the reins. To wit, in 2020 every municipal… Read More

New DWI Sentencing in NJ

Friday, August 23rd, 2019 Gov. Murphy signed into law changes to the sentencing of first-time DWI offenders.  Previously, if convicted of DWI or refusal you… Read More