COVID-19 Law Grads can practice without license.

4/6/20 – The NJ Supreme Court issued an Order today that will allow 2020 Law School Graduates to Temporarily Practice Law Despite Postponement of Bar Exam New Jersey’s July 2020 bar exam because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a caveat that they must be under the supervision of experienced attorneys, (good standing/ licensed for three years) . Also, the graduates must apply to take the first exam scheduled after graduation, or qualify for a single extension, and earn certification from the Supreme Court Committee on Character before they can practice law.

“At this challenging time, the public has a continuing and growing need for legal services in many critical areas,” Chief Justice Rabner stated in the order. “Newly admitted lawyers can help meet that need. The Court also recognizes that, without a means to pass the bar and obtain a law license, qualified students who expect to graduate this spring may lose job offers, be unable to find legal work, and otherwise suffer financial hardship.” Under the order, 2020 graduates of accredited law schools will be able to: • enter appearances. • draft legal documents and pleadings. • provide legal services to clients. • engage in negotiations and settlement discussions. • provide other counsel consistent with the practice of law in New Jersey.

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