Felony Driving Revoked in NJ

So you may know that if you drive (twice) while actively suspended for a 1st DWI or even only once if during a 2nd DWI suspension you are facing mandatory 180 days of time in the county jail. I recently had a client get 3 during a 2nd suspension period and got him 2 out of 3 and he is doing a year in Ocean County. However just today 1 got a client with 2 during a second suspension period ZERO felony convictions. He had to admit to disorderly persons offense and 1 traffic offense for suspended driver. The prosecutor is recommending 90 days and we will argue for 10 days which is the minimum, original offer was 360. The moral of the story is that the first offer isnt always the best offer and different counties differ greatly in how they treat different offenses and the offers extended. Do your research and ask your attorney for specific past results and if they know how your case is likely to play out.

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