Narcan Price Increases in U.S.

NJ attorney general’s office to look into soaring cost of Narcan, 4/18/16. Gov. Christie said Narcan is an important bridge from addiction to detox.

“Narcan has saved thousands of lives in New Jersey,” said Christie, “People who otherwise would have died of an overdose if someone hadn’t been prepared and trained with the antidote.”

Continuing that 1,400 were trained to administer it in the last five months, and that it’s been deployed almost 11,000 times since 2014.

But its cost has increased nationwide. “In May 2014, a 10-dose pack (of Narcan) cost the Baltimore City Health Department roughly $190,” said U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland in his opening remarks at a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on the heroin epidemic last month. “Guess what? Today, it costs more than $400 for a life-saving drug.” Think about it.

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