To NJ Citizens Charged with Weed Possession

It’s March 2018 and NJ Governor Murphy has included 60 million in his budget proposal from the income generated from legalized marijuana. Many citizens who are charged with possessing this plant may be wondering why their plea offer from state and municipal prosecutors include a criminal record and fines near $1000 or a conditional discharge with “fees” also nearing the $1000 mark. Many may be thinking why should I rush to enter one of these deals when it seems that legalization is so near. There are many ways to get your case to be prolonged and hiring an attorney may help. You are entitled to due process and be able to cross examine all witnesses including the state laboratory official who tested the plant. Testing takes a long time and so does the scheduling of a final trial date. If you are in no rush to take raw deal when this issue is so much in limbo then call an attorney for representation.

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