NJ Gun Carry Denials Require Hearings Now

Up until now, citizens seeking a carry permit in New Jersey had to get the approval of their local police chief and then seeks authorization from a Superior Court Judge. The Authorizations have been and still are non-existent to regular citizens but whats more is that you were not even afforded a hearing and when Calvin Carlstrom challenged this practice he lost at the Law and Appellate levels but because the NJ Supreme Court Unanimously reversed, he (and others presumed denial of right to carry) will now get hearings. Calvin was represented by Evan Nappen, Esq. Calvin sought the permit to assist him in his security job with AMC theatres. It will be interesting to see how these hearings are conducted, how long it will take to be heard and the outcomes. New Jersey standard to carry outside your home is “justifiable need.” I have never met anyone other than exempt police (active and retired) that acquired this right. There is some thought that the U.S. Supreme Court may strike down this standard and that may allow some regular citizens to become licensed to carry in New Jersey. Mr. Nappen was quoted as saying the hearings now afforded to petitioners will be critical if and when the USSC tells NJ they cannot continue to require justifiable need.

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