NJ Police To Wear Cameras

Effective March 1, 2015, New Jersey law requires that every new or used police vehicle be equipped with a video recording device. The equipment should provide valuable, objective evidence for both prosecutors and defendants. The equipment will be funded thru a $25 increase in DWI penalties.

The statute, NJSA 40A:14-118.1 reads as follows:


C.40A:14-118.1 Municipal police vehicles to be equipped with mobile video recording system.

  1. Every new or used municipal police vehicle purchased, leased, or otherwise acquired on or after the effective date of P.L.2014, c.54 (C.40A:14-118.1 et al.) which is primarily used for traffic stops shall be equipped with a mobile video recording system.

As used in this section “mobile video recording system” means a device or system installed or used in a police vehicle or worn or otherwise used by an officer that electronically records visual images depicting activities that take place during a motor vehicle stop or other law enforcement action.

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