NJ Prosecutor And Judge Guilty Of Accepting Bribes

Today, a former Essex County prosecutor and Newark Municipal Court Judge was sentenced to two years in federal prison for accepting a bribe from a defendant.

Clifford Minor plead guilty to the charges.  Additionally, the prison time came as the result of a plea deal with the United States Attorney’s office.  However, the deal had a range of possible sentences, and the judge in the case sentenced Minor to the high end of the range.  In addition to the prison sentence, Minor will have to pay a $6,000 fine to the court.

Minor plead guilty to orchestrating a scheme to help a convicted felon avoid weapons charges.  In the scheme, Minor told another man to confess to the crime in order to get the charges dropped against the convicted felon.  He was caught discussing the scheme over the phone.   The other man and Minor were both to receive payment from the felon for their dishonesty.

There are several shocking elements to Minor’s crime.  First, he orchestrated the scheme with the felon and the man who agreed to take the fall over prison phone lines, which are routinely recorded and overheard by prison officials.  Second, Minor gave up his career and his reputation for the measly sum of $3500.

In addition to bribery charges, Minor plead guilty to perjury, obstructing justice, and falsifying records.  If he had not come to a plea deal with the prosecutors, he would have faced up to 20 years for each charge, potentially spending the rest of his life in prison.

After this magnitude of dishonesty and disrespect for the justice system, Minor will also face the loss of his license to practice law in the state of New Jersey.

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