NJ Sup. Ct. Rules that it will Allow Admission by Motion

The New Jersey Supreme Court announced the state will start allowing lawyers from other states to practice here without taking the NJ Bar Exam and allow admission by motion. Practice would require classes on New Jersey ethics and passing fitness and character review. The American Bar Association favors admission by motion, and will now join 40 other states and the District of Columbia in offering admission by motion.

The New Jersey State Bar Association is against this move, saying “the state bar is disappointed the court did not adopt our position opposing admission by motion,” State Bar Association President Miles Winder III said in a statement. “However, we recognize that the way people work and live has changed in recent years and geographic location is often fluid and we appreciate the safeguards the court has tried to include. We hope this policy will lead to reciprocity—which many of our members tell us will help them serve their clients better. We will keep a close eye on implementation of this policy.”

A suit filed in 2014 by a group called the National Association for Multijurisdictional Practice sought to change a local rule in the U.S. District Court of the District of New Jersey that requires out-of-state lawyers seeking to practice in New Jersey’s federal courts to obtain admission pro hac vice and to work alongside a New Jersey-admitted lawyer who signs pleadings. That suit was dismissed in September 2015.

Source: www.2civility.org

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