N.J. Trooper Indicted for Assaulting man at NY Giants game in 2014

Reports from local sources on April 15, 2016 say New Jersey state trooper Steven Hodge was indicted for aggravated assault (3rd degree maximum prison 5-10 years) for allegedly smashing a beer bottle on Nicholas Guidi’s face while drunk at a NY Giants game on 11/14/14, then joining with at least one other trooper in covering up the assault.

Hodge then approached Guidi’s vehicle with a beer bottle, displayed his badge, identified himself as a trooper before smashing Guidi in the face, according to Guidi’s injury lawyer, McMahon.

A police report written by one of the troopers, Christopher Madia, and published by NJ Advance Media, contradicts McMahon’s description, calling Guidi “out of control” and trying to make up the incident when he “smeared his bloody face on the hood of their pickup truck” (even though his disorderly person offence was dismissed in the Municipal Court).

State Police spokesman Capt. Stephen Jones confirmed to Patch that Hodge was suspended on Nov. 9, 2015, after his indictment and almost a year after the bottle smashing incident. Attorney McMahon wondered why prosecutors took nearly a year to file the charges. He also questioned why Hodge was allowed to continue his job duties “out on-the-road for an entire year with a firearm despite having engaged in violent conduct.”

“This guy should have been terminated and in handcuffs that day, but he was still running around with his shotgun in his car.” Hodge had begun work as a state trooper just three months before the incident, in August 2014, Jones said.

The indictment published by NJ Advance Media says Hodge “did attempt to cause significant bodily injury to Nicholas Guidi and/or did purposely or knowingly or … recklessly cause significant bodily injury” by using a beer bottle. Jones said an internal and criminal investigation began immediately following the Giants game incident, though he declined to go into additional detail. McMahon said the disorderly conduct charge against Guidi, filed in East Rutherford municipal court, was dismissed on August 19, 2015. The former assistant Union County prosecutor then wrote a letter on Oct. 30, 2015 to “express our concerns regarding the competence and length of the purported criminal investigation into this matter.”

Source: www.nj.com

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