There’s an error on my NJ ticket

Everybody is from familiar with the typical way that one can receive a ticket here in New Jersey. You might’ve rolled through a stop sign or gone a little bit over the limit, the next thing you know he see flashing lights behind you pull over and asked for your documents in a little time later officer hands you a ticket with some information on it. But sometimes you don’t receive a ticket at the scene or sometimes you’re not pulled over at all and then a ticket comes in the mail. Sometimes your name is misspelled or the color of your car is mischaracterized. Are any of these issues legal defenses? In my experience these are possible credibility issues that can be used as leverage when plea bargaining for the best resolution (typically a downgrade or dismissal). The time to negotiate is at your court date with the prosecutor but probably not before this stage. Most attorneys offer a free comsultation to discuss issues like these- please contact us if you had an unusual encounter surrounding a ticket issuance.

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