They think we’re idiots

Here in New Jersey we can agree to disagree about the issues that we face as residents of this Garden State. You call it Taylor Ham and I call it Pork Roll, water ice, Italian ice…pick your side. We can all agree that you stay right on the GSP except to pass or you should be imprisoned. Some things are not a matter of opinion but a matter of law. States have the right to make laws that are enforceable unless challenged and overturned as unconstitutional or trumped by federal law. New Jersey says you can’t pump your own gas, possess marijuana, you can’t carry a firearm and you can’t have hollow point ammunition. Think about it; if you are carrying a firearm with hollow point ammunition with a joint in your pocket while pumping your own gas – in NJ you are a criminal but elsewhere in the US you are doing nothing wrong. I think we should focus more on policing and punishing bad acts like stealing and assaulting against others – not pretext. Lawmakers should have the confidence to say that’s how we think it should be so deal with it. Don’t say it’s not safe to pump gas, don’t pretend marijuana is a dangerous drug. Don’t say denying citizen carry rights reduces gun crime or hollow point bullets are more dangerous than full metal jacketed bullets. Just be honest and say we like it like this, that would be refreshing.

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