Is The Driver’s License Immediately Taken For DWI In New Jersey?

There would be a mandatory license loss when someone is convicted by a trial or if they plead guilty to DWI. This would begin immediately and they would often order the person to hand in their physical license.

If for some reason the person did not have their license on them, then at sentencing, a duty would be imposed upon the person by the judge, which would oblige them to have to turn in the license if they found it or if they came across it. Not doing so could potentially result in more penalties.

Once the person handed in their license, the clock would start running on their suspension and at the end of it, they would be able to go to the Division of Motor Vehicles to reinstate their license with a $100 reinstatement fee.

There Is No Hardship, Occupational Or Work Licenses Available In New Jersey

At this point, there is no such law in New Jersey, so losing a driver’s license would be absolute until the time the person reinstated it.

The License Suspension Can Be A Hassle Because Of The Public Transport System In New Jersey

Losing your license can be a great hardship because of the lack of public transport in NJ. These are the kinds of things that people might come across later after losing their license, which might spur them to regret their decision to not have taken a stronger defense of their case earlier.

The Seven Months License Suspension Can Run Concurrently With The Charges For A DWI

The suspensions could run concurrently, meaning that if the person received a seven-month loss of license for their intoxicated driving and then seven months for the refusal, those suspensions could run at the same time, whereas the fines would not.

The fines would have to be paid separately and there would also be some other obligations that would run separately. For purposes of future possible offenses, the person may have more than one conviction on their record now that they had pled guilty or been found guilty of refusal and DWI.

This is why the person’s best chance to try to shed at least one of those convictions, would be by hiring an experienced attorney.

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