R. Korbman

Dear Mr. Ehrlich, I just want to thank you for all your professional representation for myself and many students in my school. You were professional, kind, caring and really achieved the best results always in such a pleasant and dignified manner, I highly recommend that anyone who needs a lawyer contact Ehrlich Law. !!

N. Harvey

I am very appreciative for the knowledge, ease, and representation by the Associate Lawyer and assistance of paralegal of Ms. Kelsey Franklin. A big “Thank You” to the Ehrlich Law firm for your legal assistance. Will gladly recommend your firm to family, friends and co-workers. Again, I thank you very much


Thank you for your outstanding professionalism.

Judy (Sayreville Municipal Court two of her tickets dismissed/third downgraded)

“Many thanks, a pleasure to deal with you.”

A Satisfied Client (Middletown Assault dismissed)

Dear Kelsey, I want to thank Tom, Hanan and you for helping us through this difficult time. What a pleasure and honor it was to have such a wonderful staff on our team. I cannot express our deep appreciation we have for you. I want to thank Hanan for her expertise and her professionalism; she made us feel so at ease and confident about our outcome. She is a lovely person! Again, thank you for all your help

A. T. (Aberdeen Township ticket amended to zero-points.)

“This is great news. Thank you so much.”

R. S. (Asbury Park ticket amended to zero-points.)

“Thank you for your help.”

Patty (Long Branch City ticket dismissed)

“Thank you for all your help over the years & congratulations!”

A Satisfied Client (Middletown Assault dismissed)

“Dear Kelsey, I want to thank Tom, Hanan and you for helping us through this difficult time. What a pleasure and honor it was to have such a wonderful staff on our team. I cannot express our deep appreciation we have for you. I want to thank Hanan for her expertise and her professionalism; she made us feel so at ease and confident about our outcome. She is a lovely person! Again, thank you for all your help.”

Tabitha (Carteret Municipal Court)

“Thank you so very much. I will be sure to keep your information for anyone who may need some legal representation. Again Thank you”

Herb and Olga (Eatontown Municipal Court)

“Dear Mr. Ehrlich, thank you for your excellent representation of our case. We also appreciate your kindness very much.”

Patrick D’Anna (Deal Borough Municipal Court)

“I speak for my family when I say Belmar Attorney Thomas P. Ehrlich did an outstanding job helping me on my case. Needless to say, my family and I were worried sick about what to do and how to do it. But Mr. Ehrlich calmed us down by rapidly accessing the situation. He quickly developed a defense strategy and rapidly brought to a swift conclusion with better than expected results. Knowing the Legal Playing Fields, he maneuvered their hurdles and brought home the best results that we could have hoped for. With his help, all is well now and I genuinely recommend him. And you know I am going to keep his number, because he has the answers.”

Roberto (Jackson traffic tickets)

“Thank you.”

N.R. (East Windsor 2 points → zero)

“Many Thanks for all your help. ”

A Satisfied Client (Hazlet Municipal Court)

“I want to thank you very much for your time and effort and for the pleasant experience. Please pass on to Mr. Ehrlich. Thank you again!”

A Satisfied Client (Manalapan Twp)

“I thank your office for all of the time you put in! I cannot be happier with the results. I will keep you in mind if I ever need your services again, and will definitely refer everyone to you! Have a great day!”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you so much for your great results. I mailed a check out to the Municipal Court yesterday. Thank you again for your wonderful work. Have a nice summer!”


“I greatly appreciate the help and support provided by your attorney. Thank you.”

A Satisfied Client

“This is a fantastic result! I would like to thank you for your help and great work with this matter.”

A Satisfied Client

“It was a pleasure meeting with you and thank you for representing me. I had a really positive and successful experience working with you and your law firm. In the future if anyone I know needs a lawyer for any legal issues I will be sure to pass your name along.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you! Also relay my gratitude to the attorney this morning. (Natalie, I believe?) Appreciate the help”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you, so much for representing me. You were very helpful.”


“Hi Kelsey I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, thank you for your help!! I will think of you the next time a need arises and I will tell others of the professional manner that your firm handled my case”


“I can’t thank you enough! The outcome was superb. We cannot be happier. I assure you will be hearing from my leads!”


“Kelsey, As I have stated yesterday, I am very happy with the services provided by your firm. Thank you very much.”


“Thank you for representing me.”


“Thank you Tom”

A Satisfied Client

“You were honest, thorough, responsive and the respective outcomes (i.e. verdicts, fees, fines, etc.) did not deviate from the expectations you provided me from start to finish. You proved to me first-hand, Tom, you’re a good man, know your stuff, and are a reasonable, realistic attorney.”


“I have been using Thomas for many years now. He and his team are very knowledgeable. Tom has gotten me out of many sticky situations from doing time in jail to seat belt tickets. He is a man of his word and delivers every time. Any worries i have he and his staff are there to answer any questions I have. I would deff recommend him.”

A Formal Client

“Very Knowledgeable Firm. Explained to me in a clear, concise manner what they were going to do & for how much. They kept me informed every step of the way. They also emailed me final the results. Very Satisfied.”

A Formal Client

“They handled my case in Jackson Township, a potentially-difficult situation, with the utmost professionalism. I would never use anyone else, even family members!”


“Mr. Ehrlich and his firm are professional attentive and responsive. They represented my family’s interest to perfection and got the results in court that were just and exceeded our expectations.”

A Speeding Ticket Client

“Before contacting the Ehrlich Law Offices, I was originally just going to pay my ticket and be done with it. I was very unfamiliar with the whole process and was still unsure about what to do in regards to my 4 point ticket. After receiving Mr. Ehrlich’s advertisement, I decided to call the law firm to clear up any confusion or uncertainty I was having. Mr. Ehrlich was extremely clear about what my options were and what my results would be if I went to court by myself or if I hired representation. He was very straight forward about everything and cleared up any and all uncertainty I was having. Upon speaking with Mr. Ehrlich and weighing out my options, I decided it would be in my best interest to go further with his representation and called the office to proceed with handling my ticket. He handled my matter just as he discussed and I was extremely happy with the outcome of obtaining zero points, just as he explained to me he would get.”

A Speeding Ticket Client

“I received two summonses – a 2 point speeding ticket and a careless driving ticket, totaling 4 points on my license. Needless to say I was not thrilled about this and was unsure about whether I should hire an attorney to help get the points reduced or just go and speak with the prosecutor myself. After receiving a letter, I contacted the Ehrlich Law Offices and spoke with Mr. Ehrlich who was very informative and confident in his abilities to get me zero points with a low fine. Mr. Ehrlich’s confidence in the ability reduce my points to zero made me feel more at ease and that it would be beneficial to hire him, rather than just going myself. After going to court with Mr. Ehrlich, I was extremely relieved and pleased with the outcome of my case. Thanks to Mr. Ehrlich I received zero points and a dismissal of the careless driving ticket with low fines! With this type of outcome how could one not be happy? Definitely a recommendable lawyer.”


“In my case Mr.Ehrlich was a great lawyer. He helped me in not having my license suspended and removing a few tickets. I would greatly recommend him.”

A Speeding Ticket Client

“Mr. Ehrlich is a very professional lawyer that helped me out in a two point traffic matter recently. I was worried that my insurance would go up and did not want any points on my license. In regards to how successful he is in the court room he was extremely successful in getting my two points removed. He is very knowledgeable in what he is doing and extremely reliable in doing what he promises to accomplish. Mr. Ehrlich was willing to help me fight my traffic matter and went great distances to assure that he is confident in handling these types of matters. He was very straight forward about what you could face, depending on your original charges and what he entails to amend things to. Mr. Ehrlich as well as the other attorneys know what they are doing and are dedicated to helping their clients out. I would without a doubt recommend Mr. Ehrlich to someone who was stuck in my situation or a similar one.”


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