Texting And Walking Banned In Fort Lee

In the past five years, laws around the country have targeted the cell phone as the root of danger. The distraction caused by talking or texting while driving has been cited as the cause for countless accidents. This, in turn, has led to cities and states around the country banning the use of cell phones while driving. But now, the demonization of cell phones has spread, and Fort Lee has become the first place to ban texting while walking. That’s right, walking.

This year alone, Fort Lee, New Jersey has reportedly seen three fatal pedestrian accidents. In a town of 35,000 people, these fatalities have made a big impact. As a result, legislators created and passed a measure making it illegal to text on a cellular phone while walking.

This means that those who move their feet and use their phone at the same time are in danger of being ticketed in Fort Lee. Tickets for violating this new law will cost the violator $85. Over 100 tickets have already been handed out, since the ticket’s enforcement period began in April of 2012.

Many argue that such a law is unnecessary and ridiculous. Although it can be dangerous to text and walk at the same time, sometimes even causing a collision with an automobile, the fault is on the walker, and that does not justify taking every-day freedoms from those who use them responsibly.

But others argue that, in our text-filled society, safety is not a concern, particularly among young people, who may not be aware of dangers around them. If this dangerous activity is ticketable, they say, those people may avoid behaving dangerously, and lives might be spared.

Is a ban on texting, and even talking, while walking the future of municipal laws?

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